NSFDC Loan Scheme Online Application Form

NSFDC Loan Scheme Online Application Form

NSFDC Loan Scheme Online Application Form details are given here. NSFDC Cover various scheme like Mahila Samrudhi Yojna, Mahila Kisan Yojana, Term Loan, Micro Credit Finance and Educational Loan etc. NSFDC was established to finance for the socio economic development of persons belonging to the scheduled castes families having annual family income up to Rs. 3.00 lakh including their skill upgradation. NSFDC provides loan for income generating scheme to target group through its Channalising Agencies namely State Scheduled Castes Development Corporations (SCDCs), Public Sector Banks (PSBs), Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) and other Institutions. See the all scheme details below on this page which is covered under the NSFDC. Keep visit on our website for the further updates.


Main objective of NSFDC Scheme

  • NSFDC’s main objective is to finance, facilitate and mobilize funds for the economic empowerment of persons belonging to the Scheduled Caste families having annual family income up to  Rs. 3.00 lakh.

Benefits of NSFDC Scheme to women

  • Out of funds notionally allocated on the basis of SC population, 40% of the total funds have been allocated for women both in physical and financial terms. Interest rebate ranging from 0.5% – 1% is offered to women beneficiaries in certain schemes.
  • There are two exclusive schemes for women beneficiaries i.e. Mahila Samriddhi Yojana and Mahila Kisan Yojana.

Procedures to be followed while implementing NSFDC scheme

Various schemes are implemented under Mahatma Phule Backward Classes Development Corporation under NSFDC, New Delhi scheme. The details are as follows.

Sr. No. Scheme Loan Limit (In INR.) Contribution Rate of Interest
1 Term Loan 30,00,000/- 20% 75% 5% Upto Rs. 5.00 Lac IR is 6% and Above Rs. 5.00 Lacs IR will be 8%
2 Micro Credit Finance Rs.50,000/- 10,000/- Subsidy Rs. 40,000/- 5%
3 Mahila Samrudhi Rs.50,000/- Rs.10,000/- Subsidy Rs. 40,000/- 4%
4 Mahila Kisan Yojana Rs.50,000/- 10,000/- Subsidy Rs. 40,000/- 5%
5 Educational Loan
For domestic higher education Rs.10,00,000/- 90% 10% For Men RoI will be 4% and For Women’s RoI will be 3.5%
For higher education abroad Rs 20,00,000/- 90% 10%
A Documents required for loan approval.
1 Caste Certificate
2 Income Proof
3 Resident proof (ration card, voter ID card, Aadhaar card, PAN card, electric bill etc.)
4 Documents related to the business such as price list of goods, proof of place of business if required, clerk’s license, other business related documents such as vehicle license, clerk’s license, permit, batch number etc.
5 Project report as required (above Rs. 2.00 lakhs)
6 Bonafide Certificates and Educational Documents (for Higher Educational Loans)
B After fulfilling the required documents, the following action is taken by the concerned district office.
1 The residence of the applicant as well as the place of business is verified.
2 Subsequent loan cases are scrutinized and approved by the District Beneficiary Selection Committee set up under the chairmanship of the Collector.
3 Loan cases approved in the District Beneficiary Selection Committee are recommended for approval to the Regional Office of the Corporation through the concerned District Office.
4 Except for micro-supply and Mahila Samrudhi schemes, loan proposals for other schemes are sent to the head office for approval.
5 The LOI application is made to NSFDC, New Delhi as per the loan proposal received from the Regional Office.
6 Upon receipt of LOI from NSFDC, New Delhi, the loan proposal is approved accordingly.
7 After approval, through the concerned district office, the applicant has to submit the required documents related to the distribution of seed capital and NSFDC loan from the applicant (e.g., medical documents, guarantor, guarantor’s salary deduction guarantee-pay certificate, property holder if the property holder is the guarantor, property report, guarantor, The election card of the guarantor, the identity card issued by the department as well as the check dated answer of the applicant in connection with the recovery of the loan, affidavit of loan disbursement etc.) are fulfilled.
8 Funding proposals are then submitted to the Regional Office by the concerned office and funds are requested to the Headquarters through the Regional Office.
9 NSFDC New Delhi seeks funding after receiving a funding proposal from the Regional Office.
10 Following the receipt of funds from NSFDC, New Delhi, the disbursement of funds is done through the Head Office as per the demand letter received from the Regional Office.

एनएसएफडीसी योजना राबविताना अवलंबविण्याची कार्यपद्धती

महात्मा फुले मागासवर्ग विकास महामंडळामार्फत एनएसएफडीसी, नवी दिल्ली योजनेअंतर्गत विविध योजना राबविल्या जातात.त्याचा तपशिल पुढीलप्रमाणे आहे.

NSFDC Loan Scheme Online Application Form given below :

अ. क्र. योजना कर्ज मर्यादा (रुपये) सहभाग व्याजदर
म.फु.मा.वि.म. एनएसएफडीसी अर्जदार
1 मुदती कर्ज 30,00,000/- 20% 75% 5% रु. 5.00 लाखा पर्यंत 6% व रु. 5.00 लाखाच्या पुढे 8%
2 सुक्ष्मपत पुरवठा 50,000/- 10,000/- अनुदान रु. 40,000/- 5%
3 महिला समृद्धी 50,000/- 10,000/- अनुदान रु. 40,000/- 4%
4 महिला किसान योजना 50,000/- 10,000/- अनुदान रु. 40,000/- 5%
5 शैक्षणिक कर्ज
देशांतर्गत उच्च शिक्षणासाठी 10,00,000/- 90% 10% पुरुषांसाठी 4% व महिलांसाठी 3.5%
देशाबाहेर उच्च शिक्षणासाठी 20,00,000/- 90% 10%
कर्ज मंजूरीकरिता आवश्यक कागदपत्रे
1 जातीचा दाखला
2 उत्पन्नाचा दाखला
3 रहिवाशी पुरावा (रेशनकार्ड, मतदार ओळखपत्र, आधारकार्ड, पॅन कार्ड, इलेक्ट्रीक बिल इत्यादी)
4 व्यवसायाच्या अनुषंगाने कागदपत्रे जसे की, मालाचे किंमतीपत्रक, आवश्यक असल्यास व्यवसायाच्या जागेचा पुरावा, गुमास्ता लायसन्स, व्यवसायानुरुप इतर कागदपत्रे वाहनाकरिता लायसन्स, गुमास्ता लायसन्स, परमिट, बॅच नंबर इत्यादी
5 आवश्यकतेप्रमाणे प्रकल्प अहवाल (रु. 2.00 लाखाच्या वर)
6 बोनाफाईड सर्टीफिकेट व शैक्षणिक कागदपत्र (उच्च शैक्षणिक कर्जाकरिता)
आवश्यक कागदपत्रांची पूर्तता केल्यानंतर संबंधित जिल्हा कार्यालयामार्फत खालीलप्रमाणे कार्यवाही करण्यात येते
1 अर्जदाराच्या राहत्या घराची तसेच व्यवसायाच्या जागेची पडताळणी केली जाते.
2 तद्नंतर प्राप्त कर्ज प्रकरणे मा.जिल्हाधिकारी यांच्या अध्यक्षतेखाली स्थापन करण्यात आलेल्या जिल्हा लाभार्थी निवड समितीमार्फत प्रकरणांची छाननी करुन मान्यता प्रदान केली जाते.
3 जिल्हा लाभार्थी निवड समितीमध्ये मंजूर झालेली कर्ज प्रकरणे संबंधित जिल्हा कार्यालयामार्फत महामंडळाच्या प्रादेशिक कार्यालयाकडे मंजूरीस्तव शिफारस करण्यात येतात.
4 सुक्ष्मपत पुरवठा व महिला समृद्धी योजना वगळता इतर योजनांचे कर्ज प्रस्ताव मंजूरीकरिता मुख्य कार्यालयास पाठविणेत येतात.
5 प्रादेशिक कार्यालयाकडून प्राप्त झालेले कर्ज प्रस्तावास अनुसरुन एलओआय मागणी एनएसएफडीसी, नवी दिल्ली यांचेकडे करणेत येते.
6 एनएसएफडीसी, नवी दिल्ली यांचेकडून एलओआय प्राप्त झाल्यानंतर त्याप्रमाणे कर्ज प्रस्तावास मंजूरी देण्याची कार्यवाही करण्यात येते.
7 मंजूरी दिल्यानंतर संबंधित जिल्हा कार्यालयामार्फत अर्जदाराकडून महामंडळाचे बीज भांडवल व एनएसएफडीसी कर्ज वितरणाच्या अनुषंगाने आवश्यक कागदपत्रे (जसे, वैद्यानिक दस्ताऐवज, जामीनदार, जामिनदाराचे वेतन कपात हमीपत्र-वेतन प्रमाणपत्र, मालमत्ता धारक जामिनदार असल्यास संपत्तीची नोंद असलेले दस्ताऐवज, जामिनदार पडताळणी अहवाल, जामिनदारांचे इलेक्शन कार्ड, विभागाने निर्गमित केलेले ओळखपत्र तसेच कर्ज वसुलीच्या अनुषंगाने अर्जदाराचे उत्तर दिनांकित धनादेश, कर्ज वितरणाचे शपथपत्र इत्यादी) पूर्तता करुन घेतली जाते.
8 यानंतर निधी मागणी प्रस्ताव संबंधित कार्यालयाकडून प्रादेशिक कार्यालयास सादर केले जातात व प्रादेशिक कार्यालयामार्फत मुख्यालयास निधी मागणी केली जाते.
9 प्रादेशिक कार्यालयाकडून निधी मागणी प्रस्ताव प्राप्त झाल्यानंतर एनएसएफडीसी नवी दिल्ली यांना निधी मागणी करणेत येते.
10 एनएसएफडीसी, नवी दिल्ली यांचेकडून निधी प्राप्त झाल्यानंतर प्रादेशिक कार्यालयाकडून प्राप्त निधी मागणी पत्रास अनुसरुन कर्ज वितरणाची कार्यवाही मुख्यालयामार्फत करणेत येते.

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