सारथी Hall ticket आले आहे Download करा | SARTHI Pune MPSC CET Admit Card 2023

SARTHI Pune MPSC CET Admit Card 2023

SARTHI Pune MPSC CET Admit Card 2023

SARTHI Pune MPSC CET Admit Card 2023 – SARTHI Pune has issued Admit Card For MPSC CET Exam 2023. The date of issue of the E-Admit card is 06th  Feb, 2023. Candidates shall report the examination center at exactly 10:30 am as mentioned in E Admit Card. Candidates will not be allowed to enter the examination premises after 11.15 AM, under any pretext or reason of delay in reaching the exam hall. Download SARTHI Pune MPSC CET Admit Card 2023 from below link:

सारथी पुणे यांनी MPSC CET परीक्षा 2023 साठी प्रवेशपत्र जारी केले आहे. ई-अ‍ॅडमिट कार्ड जारी करण्याची तारीख 06 फेब्रुवारी 2023 आहे. तुमचे युजरनेम हा तुमचा आधारकार्ड आयडी आहे आणि तुमचा पासवर्ड हा तुमचा प्रवेश पत्र SARTHI PUNE MPSC (State SERVICES) CET 2023 डाउनलोड करण्यासाठी तुमचा मोबाईल नंबर आहे.

या भरती संदर्भातील पुढील सर्व अपडेट्स वेळेवर मिळण्यासाठी महाभरतीची अधिकृत मोबाईल अँप येथे क्लिक करून लगेच आपल्या मोबाईल मध्ये डाउनलोड करा.

SARTHI Pune Important Date 2023

  • Date of issue of E-Admit card: 06th  Feb, 2023
  • Date of Entrance Test (SARTHI PUNE MPSC (STATE SERVICES) CET 2023) : 12th Feb, 2023
  • Date for candidate mock examination  (SARTHI PUNE MPSC (STATE SERVICES) CET 2023) : 10th Feb, 2023
In case of queries/issues regarding Admit Card, kindly email on [email protected] 
  • To contact technical head, email on [email protected]/020-25595509 Helpline : 020-25595520/528/510/529
  • Candidates must compulsorily mention their full name, contact number and mention the issue clearly in the email to assist in quick resolution of issues, if any.

How To Download SARTHI Pune Exam Admit Card

1. To login to this system, you have received username and password through SMS, please refer the same as login credentials.
2. Your Username is your Aadharcard ID and your password is your MOBILE NUMBER  for downloading your admit card SARTHI PUNE MPSC (STATE SERVICES) CET 2023.

Download HALL Ticket


Candidate general Instructions for online examination

  1. Candidates shall report the examination center at   exactly 10:30 am as mentioned in E Admit Card.
  2. Candidate will not be allowed to enter examination premise after 11.15 AM, under any pretext or reason of delay in reaching the exam hall.
  3. Seating arrangement is made available at the centre, candidates must reach the respective Examination Hall  as per their SEAT NUMBER and acquire the seat allocated.
  4. Candidate are required to compulsorily  carry the original government identification proof (Driving license /Aadhar card / Pan card / voting card any of these).
  5. Candidate is required to sign on E Admit Card  in front of supervisor on the day of Examination  and ensure to submit it to supervisor after completion of examination. Exams will be active at exactly 11:30AM, immediately candidates must login to the examination portal and start with the exam.
  6. In case of system related issues student can bring it to notice  of Supervisor. They will guide you to get query or issues resolved.
  7. Candidates are provided with the login credentials for examination. They can login into system using those credentials.
  8. Candidates are requested not to  panic for time taken in resolving queries / issues. They must immediately inform the Invigilator or Supervisor regarding technical or other issues.
  9. Candidates will carry only a SIMPLE BALL POINT PEN into the Exam Hall.Candidates will not be allowed to carry books / mobile / smart watches/Earbuds / Electronic devices / fancy pens and any other paper material or any electrical gadgets in examination hall. If any such material is found with the candidate, he/she will be barred from the Examination as well as ANY future benefits from SARTHI, Pune.
  10. No Candidate will be allowed to go out before the end time of examination i.e., 1:30 noon. (Barring bio breaks).
  11. Candidate has to take care of their belongings which they are carrying at  examination center. No authority is responsible for the loss of belongings.
  12. Differently abled candidates will be given 30 minutes extra for examination
  13. In case of Differently able candidate if he / she wants examination assistant (scriber) they have to arrange it themselves ( for only Visual impaired and locomotor disability).
  14. All  Examination Halls are under Camera Surveillance.
  15. Candidates are requested to follow the basic Covid norms like sanitization,  use of masks etc.
  16. IF ANY CANDIDATE IS FOUND IN ANY KIND OF MALPRACTICE, or is involved in any activity that directly or indirectly disrupts/disturbs the CET conducted, or disobeys the discipline and decorum of the exam hall,   HE/SHE WILL BE BARRED FROM ANY BENEFIT/SCHEME OF SARTHI, PUNE AND PENAL ACTION WILL BE INITIATED AGAINST THE CANDIDATE INCLUDING BLACKLISTING AND ACTION FOR CRIMINAL OFFENCE

महाभरती महत्वाच्या लिंक्स

अन्य महत्वाचे जॉब्स !!

१० वी पास उमेदवारांसाठी जॉब्स १२ वी पास उमेदवारांसाठी जॉब्स
पदवीधर उमेदवारांसाठी जॉब्स पदव्युत्तर उमेदवारांसाठी जॉब्स
बँक जॉब्स इंजिनिअरिंग जॉब्स
अपंग उमेदवारांसाठी जॉब्स ITI पास उमेदवारांसाठी जॉब्स
खाजगी जाहिरात सरकारी जाहिराती
वैद्यकीय जाहिरात रेल्वे जाहिराती

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