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RTM Nagpur University B.Com Second Semester New Revised Syllabus is given below for Downloading. The students can Download the respective Syllabus from following given details. Just go through the given links & read the given syllabus carefully. Nagpur University First Year New Semester Online Detail syllabus given below.

R.T.M. Nagpur University, Nagpur
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Semester II
 Compulsory English

Prescribed Text : Epiphanies by Board of Editors (Publisher: Orient BlackSwan)

Unit 1: Prose
1. Stephen Hawking
2. How to be a Healthy User of Social Media-Peggy Kern
3. Jadav Payeng

Unit 2: Prose
1. Luck-Mark Twain
2. How I Became a Public Speaker-George Bernard Shaw
3. My Lord, the Baby-Rabindranth Tagore

Unit 3: Poetry
1. Success is Counted Sweetest-Emily Dickinson
2. The World is Too Much with Us-William Wordsworth
3. No Man is an Island-John Donne

Unit 4: Writing Skills
1. Weave Your Idea/Story
2. Interviews
3. Narrating an Experience

Unit 5: Language Study
1. Articles
2. Prepositions
3. Conjunctions
4. Interjections



R.T.M. Nagpur University, Nagpur
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Semester II

Unit I Market Structure
Meaning, Classification of Market Structure. Firm and Industry-Meaning and objectives, Difference between Industry and Firm. Pricing of Products-Cost based pricing, Customer-based pricing, Competitor-based pricing.

Unit II Perfect & Imperfect Competition Markets
Features and Price-output determination under Perfect Competition Market.
Features and Price-output determination under Monopoly Market.
Price Discrimination – Meaning and types.
Features and price-output determination under Monopolistic Competition.

Unit III: Theories of Distribution
Theory of Distribution- Modern Theory of Distribution.
Theories of Rent- Ricardian Theory of Rent, Modern theory of Rent, Concept of Quasi Rent.
Theory of Wages- Marginal Productivity Theory of Wages with Criticisms.
Theories of Interest- Loanable Funds Theory of Interest, Liquidity Preference Theory of Interest,
Criticisms,. Theories of Profit- Dynamic Theory of Profit, Innovation Theory of Profit, Criticism of
Theories, Concept of Gross Interest and Net Interest

Unit IV –Business Cycles and National Income
Business Cycles- Concept, Features, Phases of Business Cycles, Causes and Remedies of Business Cycles.
National Income – Meaning, Concepts, Methods of Measuring National Income, Difficulties in
National Income Accounting.

Books recommended:
1) Business Economics, V.G. Mankar, Himalaya Publication House,.
2) Modern Economics, H.L. Ahuja, S.Chand Publishing.
3) Micro Economics, Dr. P. N. Chopra, Kalyani Publishers,
4) Micro Economics, D.D. Chaturvedi, Galgotia Publishing Co.
5) Modern Economics Theory, D.D. Dewett, S Chand & Co Ltd
6) Managerial Economics, D.N. Dwivedi , Vikas Publishing House Pvt Ltd.
7) Managerial Economics- Theory & Applications, D.M. Mithani, Himalya Publishing House


R.T.M. Nagpur University, Nagpur
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Semester II
Supplementary English

Prescribed Text: English and Soft Skills by S.P.Dhanavel (Publisher : Orient BlackSwan)

6. Problem Solving Skills
Story- The look-out man- Nicholas Bentley

7. Interview Skills
Story—The lighthouse keeper of Aspinwall- Henryk Sienkiewicz

8. Adaptability Skills
Story-Senor Payroll- W.E.Barett

9. Non-Verbal Communication Skills
Story-A real good smile -Bill Noughton

10. Written Communication Skills
Story- Gateman’s Gift-R.K.Narayan