RTMNU B.Com 1 Sem Revised Syllabus 2020

RTMNU B.Com Revised Sem 1 Syllabus 2020 | Nagpur University B.Com Syllabus Part 1 | RTMNU First Year B.Com  Syllabus /B.Com Syllabus/Nagpur University Syllabus /University Syllabus B.Com
RTM Nagpur University B.Com First Semester New Revised Syllabus is given below for Downloading. The students can Download the respective Syllabus from following given details. Just go through the given links & read the given syllabus carefully. Nagpur University First Year New Semester Online Detail syllabus given below.


R.T.M. Nagpur University, Nagpur

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
Compulsory English Semester – I

Unit 1: Prose

1. Sreelakshmi Suresh
2. Why a Startup Needs to Find its Customers First- Pranav Jain
3. Devender Pal Singh

Unit 2: Prose

1. The Model Millionaire- Oscar Wilde
2. The Monkey’s Paw -W.W.Jacobs
3. The Lumber Room-Saki

Unit 3: Poetry

1. Invictus-William Earnest Henley
2. The Builders- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
3. Stay Calm- Grenville Kleiser

Unit 4: Writing Skills

1. Emails
2. Speeches
3. Views and Opinions

Unit 5: Language Study

1. Nouns
2. Pronouns
3. Verbs
4. Adjectives
5. Adverbs
6. Prefixes
7. Suffixes
8. Root Words


R.T.M. Nagpur University, Nagpur

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

Unit I Nature and Scope of Business Economics

 Business Economics – Meaning, Scope and Objectives of Business Economics.
 Nature and Types of Business Decisions.
 Social Responsibility of Business.
 Meaning, Scope, Merits and Demerits of Micro and Macro Economics.

Unit II- Theory of Consumption

 Law of Demand, Demand Determinants, Changes in Demand.
 Indifference Curve Concepts – Definition, Properties and it importance.
 Elasticity of Demand – Concept, Types, Measurement, Factors influencing Elasticity of Demand. and Importance
 Demand Forecasting – Meaning, Importance and methods of Demand Forecasting.

Unit III – Theory of Production

 Concept of Production Function – Meaning, Cobb-Douglas Production Function.
 Law of Variable Proportion.- Assumptions, Significance and Limitations
 Law of Returns to Scale.
 Internal and External Economies and Diseconomies of Scale.

Unit IV – Theory of Cost and Revenue

 Law of Supply and factors influencing supply.
 Concept of Cost in Short Run – Accounting Cost, Economic Cost, Opportunity Cost, Fixed Cost, Variable Cost, Direct and Indirect Costs, Real Cost, Explicit and Implicit Costs, Money Cost, Total Cost, Marginal Cost, Average Costs. Total, Marginal and Average Cost in the Long Run.
 Revenues – Total Revenue, Average Revenue, Marginal Revenue and their Relationship.


R.T.M. Nagpur University, Nagpur
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
Financial Accounting-I Semester-I

Unit – I

Financial Accounting Meaning, objectives and principles of Accounting, Accounting concepts & Conventions, Accounting Standards- AS 1 to AS 10. Final accounts of Sole Traders. (Theory & Numerical)

Unit – II

Branch Accounting ( Excluding Foreign Branch) Meaning of Branch, Objective of Branch Accounting, Maintenance of Accounting Records, Transactions relating to Branch, Accounting procedure of Branch. (Theory & Numerical)

Unit – III

Final Accounts of Co – Operative Societies: ( As per Maharashtra Co-Operative Societies Act 1960)- Introduction, Types of Co-operative societies Preparation of Trading & Profit and Loss A/c and Balance Sheet. (Theory & Numerical)

Unit – IV

Joint Venture Accounts Meaning, Distinction between Joint venture and Partnership, Methods of joint venture accounting. (Theory & Numerical on Centralized & Decentralized Method)


R.T.M Nagpur University, Nagpur
B.Com -Semester-I
Supplementary English

Prescribed Text: English and Soft Skills by S.P.Dhanavel (Publisher : Orient BlackSwan)

1. Listening Skills

Story- The boy who broke the bank- Ruskin Bond

2. Team Work Skills

Story-Whitewashing the fence- Mark Twain

3. Emotional Intelligence Skills

Story-My Financial Career -Stephen Leacock

4. Assertive Skills

Story-The Verger – Somerset Maugham

5. Learning Skills
Story- Three Questions- Leo Tolst