RTMNU BBA Sem 1 Exam syllabus Winter 2019

Nagpur University BBA First Semester winter 2019 Paper is given below. Read all questions papers which will help your for Coming Examinations. More Details & updates keep visiting us.


RTMNU Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) Semester–I Examination Paper Winter 2019



Compulsory Paper–3                                                                                        Time : Three Hours [Maximum Marks : 80]

N.B. :— (1) All questions are compulsory.
(2) All questions carry equal marks.
1. (A) Define computer. Explain the characteristics of computer. (8)
(B) Explain different types of Hardware peripherals used. (8)
(C) Explain different symbols used in flow charts. (8)
(D) Write short notes on :
(i) DOS
(ii) UNIX
(iii) Windows.  (8)
2. (A) Write short notes on :
(i) Cut (ii) Copy (iii) Paste. (8)
(B) What is function ? Explain any four mathematical functions of MS-Excel. (8)
(C) What is slide transition ? Explain. (8)
(D) What is chart ? Explain types of charts. (8)
3. (A) What is e-commerce ? Explain advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce. (8)
(B) Explain the basic elements of a HTML program. (8)
(C) Explain various elements of table tag. (8)
(D) Explain various elements of form tag. (8)
4. (A) Explain BPR in detail. (8)
(B) Write short notes on :
(i) Call center
(ii) Outsourcing. (8)
(C) Write down advantages of BPO.  (8)
(D) Write short notes on :
(i) Strategic consulting.
(ii) Operations consulting.  (8)
5. (A) Explain any two input devices.
(B) Explain Bold, Italic and Underline in MS-Word.
(C) Explain <img> tag with its attributes.
(D) Define ITEs.    (4×4=16)