Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University Rajouri (J&K) – Exam Instructions

BGSBU-Online Exam 2021 : Instructions for the Candidates appearing in Online Examinations amid COVID-19 pandemic In continuation to the ordinances notified dated 02.06.2020 for conduct of Online University Examinations amid COVID-19 pandemic, the Date Sheets for conduct of UG, PG & Diploma Engineering examinations have been notified and are available on BGSB University website. The following instructions must be carefully read and observed in detail. Official Website

BGSBU- 2021 Datesheet (Released)

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(1) UG, PG examinations will be commencing from March, 2021. Please refer the University Website for Date Sheet.
(2) Exam rules are very strict and important so it must be considered on priority and any type of negligence is not acceptable.
(3) No one else should be present in the surrounding other than the candidate during entire time of examination.
(4) Only registered phone number is allowed for contacting the concerned Head or Dean, if needed. No other electronic device (s) is permitted.
(5) The candidates will be monitored throughout the examination.
(6) Candidates are not allowed to communicate with anyone about the content of the exam while appearing for the same. Communicating about exam content in any form, by any means (for example, verbally, in writing, or electronically) to any person or entity at any time is strictly not allowed, and may lead to prosecution.
(7) Ensure not to turn off your device, while taking examination.
(8) During examination, do not try to move out of the exam by pressing nonrelevant keys, back or home button.
(9) Candidates shall enter his / her Name, Roll No. and Email as per Departmental record in the space provided for the purpose.
(10) The email ID used to sign-in must be exactly the same which the candidates have provided to the respective Departments and it must remain the same for all exams (of various courses).
(11) All the MCQs are compulsory. The candidates are advised to attempt all the MCQs which is must for submission of Google Form.
(12) Candidates who fail to submit the responses within the stipulated/ allotted time shall be considered absent/ fail.
(13) For 4 Credit Courses there shall be 60 MCQs (Four choices in each MCQ), each carrying one mark. The candidate has to submit the responses within 60 minutes.
(14) For 2 Credit Courses there shall be 30 MCQs (Four choices in each MCQ), each carrying one mark. The candidate has to submit the responses within 30 minutes.
(15) Candidates must have an active Gmail e-mail ID/account. The link to question paper (Google Form) will be sent through the email ID provided by them.
(16) Candidates must have Google Chrome browser installed and configured on their devices (computer/mobile/tab), because the Google Form containing question paper will open on Chrome Browser.
(17) Candidates must have installed and configured PDF reader on their devices (computer/ mobile /tab), because in some cases the question paper may be delivered in the form a link to a PDF.
(18) All questions in the form will be compulsory and candidates will be able to move to the next section only after answering all the questions in a particular section.
(19) Click right answer option button to select your answer.
(20) The exam portal (link to a particular exam) will be activated on the notified day and time of the exam and it will be deactivated immediately at the expiry of the stipulated time.
(21) On the day of exam candidates must ensure that their devices are charged well in advance and have enough power backup to run for at least one hour in order to enable them complete the entire exam on that day. No excuse in this regard shall be entertained.
(22) Candidates must have a stable internet connection on the device(s) they are using for taking the examination It shall be the sole responsibility of the candidate(s) to make necessary provisions for that.
(23) On the day and time of the exam, the candidates must remain online and active on their email account(s) because the link to the question paper will be delivered on the email ID provided by them to the Department. No other means of communication will be used for delivery of exam question paper.
(24) It will be the responsibility of the candidates to keep track of the timeline and submit their response (by clicking/tapping the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the last page of your Google Form) within the specified time. No relaxation in this regard shall be provided as the mechanism is automated by default.
(25) When the candidates submit their responses (to a particular exam) make sure that they get confirmation for submission. In case of any technical difficulty contact the concerned Head, of the Department immediately. No claim, whatsoever, will be entertained once the exam time is over.