Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) Semester—I Examination
(Compulsory Language)
[Time : Three Hours]                                                    [Maximum Marks : 80]

1. (A) Answer the following question in about 150 words :
Why did Jim and Della look at each other like two stupid children who had been tricked when they saw the Christmas gifts ?


Comment on the significance of the title of the story ‘The Axe’. [8]

(B) Answer the following question in about 75 words each :
(i) Describe the two things in which Jim and Della took pride.


Why did the Gesslers not sell books made by others ?
(ii) Describe the rise and fall of Velan’s master’s house.


What happened at Madame Sofronei’s shop ? [8]

2. (A) Answer the following question in about 150 words :
How does Kabir talk to his inner spirit ?


How does “Mending Wall” by Robert Frost evoke universal emotions ? [8]
(B) Answer the following question in about 150 words :
Which are the areas, according to Forster, where tolerance is needed ?


Why does Sheen say that pleasure is a by-product, and not a goal ? [8]

3. (A) Answer the following question in about 75 words each :
(i) What is the difficulty in nation’s loving one another ?


Why does A.G. Gardiner write that the beauty of the sunset is deeper and more
spiritual ?
(ii) How does pain help pleasure, according to Sheen ?


What does A.G. Gardiner write about a young lady in the street ?[ 8]
(B) Match the words in Column A with their synonyms in Column B :
‘A’ ‘                                          B’
(a) Beautiful                (i) Humorous
(b) Funny                    (ii) Happy
(c) Enormous            (iii) Attractive
(d) Content               (iv) Huge
(v) Good    [ 4]

(C) Write one word substitute for the following (any FOUR) :
(i) One who lives on vegetables
(ii) One who loves one’s country
(iii) Words written on a tomb.
(iv) A child whose parents are dead.
(v) A list of books or articles.
(vi) A period of a hundred years. [ 4]

4. (A) You are Prashant Kamble living at 1, Rana Pratap Marg, New Delhi. Write an application for the post of Programmer in Tata Memorial Centre.


You are the Managing Director of Vicco Laboratories, 14 Ramdaspeth, Nagpur-12. Write a job offer letter to Mr. Suresh Raina living at 275 Bajaj Nagar, Nagpur-10, appointing him as a Sales Executive in Vicco Laboratories.  [8]

(B) Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below :
In the reign of the Great King Janaka, there lived a Yogi called Yajanavalkya, who was noted for his piety as for his wisdom. Every morning while the golden dawn was slowly breaking over the far horizon, and birds were singing their sweetest songs, Yajanavalkya bathed himself in the cool water of neighbouring stream and then went and sat on his dais to begin his sermon. One morning he was preaching as usual to his disciples among who were learned Pandits,
Sadhus, Sanyasis and many other men. These people noticed that Yajanavalkya, their Guru, was constantly looking at the door, as if he was expecting somebody. And they were not wrong. For Yajanavalkya was indeed waiting for his King, who also attended his lectures. The disciples became jealous of this special attention given to the King. For they thought, in the eyes of a spiritual man, a King or a common man should be the same. So they could not understand why this special favour was granted to Janaka. At last, they decided to ask their Guru why he was partial towards the King.

Questions :
(i) What was Yajanavalkya famous for ?
(ii) What was the Yogi’s routine of life ?
(iii) Whom did Yajanavalkya preach ?
(iv) Why was the Yogi frequently looking at the door ? [8]

5. (A) Write a precis of the following passage and suggest a suitable title :
The graph of crime has arisen alarmingly with the rapid urbanization and growth of metro cities. It is a grave matter of concern for citizens, law of enforcement agencies, authorities, politicians, city planners and the government. The news are full of reports of murders, extortions, kidnappings, rapes, eve teasing, drug trafficking, prostitutions, bribery, organized crimes and mob violence. Cars getting stolen are common. The smugglers have many police personnel on their payrolls. Drug abuse is wide spread among the youth. The citizens have restless days and sleepless nights. Everyone feels insecure and vulnerable in presence of anti-social and criminal elements around. The senior citizens are ever in danger of getting killed by their domestic workers. Public bus transport is favourite hunting ground of pick pockets. The political links of criminals have complicated the matters. Under the wings and protection of the politicians, murderers, smugglers, mafia, rapists, kidnappers, extortionists are operating without any fear of law. The measures need to be taken to curb and eliminate this news. Another major factor is inefficient and corrupt police. In some areas the police is itself an organised gang flaw breakers and official extortionists. Thus,
the picture is dismal. The police, the political leadership and administration is largely to be blamed for the worsening state of law and order. The only hope is in the masses rising upto fight the political patronage of criminals. [8]

(B) Answer the following questions in one or two sentences each (any FOUR) :
(i) Which gift did Jim purchase for Della ?
(ii) Who was Mr. Gessler ?
(iii) Why did Velan leave home ?
(iv) What is the third law of pleasure ?
(v) What does A.G. Gardiner abominate above all ? [8]