ATMA Mock Test and Admit Card Released For May Session 2021

ATMA Online Exam Mock Test Link 2021 : Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS)  has released the ATMA 2021 admit card and Mock Test  link for the May session. Candidates who will be appearing in the examination on May 30 can download ATMA admit card 2021 by using their ID and password from the official

ATMA Online Mock Test  and Exam Link 2021



SYSTEM CONFIGURATION (Mandatory) – Mandatory steps to be followed prior to Exam:
1. Windows Operating System with Admin Login (Else User having Admin Privilege).
2. Windows 7 (32 Bit) systems to be avoided.
3. Google Chrome – Updated Version (Preferably – Freshly Installed).
4. Anti-Virus to be disabled (Preferably – Uninstalled).
5. Firewall to be disabled.
6. Mobile Hot-Spot not recommended for use.
7. Alternative Internet connection to be kept as a Standby.
8. System should not have additional system security.
9. Official systems to be avoided having VPN and other security measure.
10. For Windows 7 (64 Bit), Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 – .Net Framework version 4.5.2 to
be installed.
11. Physical working of Camera and Microphone to be checked.
12. All browser cookies to be cleared.
13. Install “ANYDESK” for screen access and keep the system ID ready before calling the help desk and mention the ANYDESK ID while raising a ticket

1. Use PID and Password, which are already issued to you, to download Secure Exam Browser(SEB) software through ATMA login and then install the same in your system. Kindly clear browsing history of chrome browser before opening SEB.
2. Strictly follow all the instructions given in the two PDF files which you can see in your ATMA login.
3. Show your official original Photo ID in hard copy (Aadhar/ Pan Card/ Driving License, etc) at the time of both Mock test and actual Live Exam.
4. Ensure video and Mic are on throughout the exams.
5. For any technical assistance, please contact the helpdesk number which is printed on your admit card. In case you find the line busy, please call up again after 5 minutes or raise the issue through a ticket and the technical team will reply to your ticket.
6. Helpline number will be available on 28 th May (10:00 AM to 05:00 PM) &
30th May 2021 (01:00 PM to 05:00 PM).
7. If test stops in between, please do not panic. Re-login after 3 – 4 minutes. The test will resume from where it stopped.
8. Mobile hotspots are not recommended.
9. Avoid the use of the cyber cafe (unless it is a completely disturbance free environment)
10.No other Person should be present when you are appearing for the exams, which will be treated as a violation of the exam rules.
11. During the live exams candidate has to show to proctor the rough sheet. Candidate has to write his/her name and login id/roll number with current date and time and display in front of the camera before using it.

1. Is scheduled on 28 th May 2021 for 45 Mins to get the system ready and get familiarized with the system, Use PID and Password, which are already issued to you, to check the Mock test time slot through candidates ATMA.
2. It is mandatory to take a Mock Test.
3. Complete the Mock Test properly to avoid any issue in the live exams.
4. Please login 10 minutes prior to the scheduled exam start time.

1. Is the AI & Remote Proctor-based exam is on 30th MAY 2021 for 3 Hrs from 02:00 to 05:00 PM.
2. Please login at 01:45 PM, keep your Govt recognize ID Proof ready which needs to be displayed in front of the camera on demand of the proctor.
3. The Submit button for the actual live exam will appear only after 2 Hours of start.
4. During the Live exams on 30th May 2021, any attempt of malpractice / Cheating and Impersonation will be strictly dealt with, and the result will not be declared.
5. AIMS reserves the right to disqualify the candidate if any evidence is found that the candidate has indulged in any kind of malpractice or any inappropriate conduct during the examination.

1. Login ID for Mock Test. ( Will be shared in the email & in the ATMA Candidates login)
2. Password for Mock Test. ( Will be shared in the email & in the ATMA Candidates login)
3. Time Slot for Mock Test. ( Will be shared in the email & in the ATMA Candidates login)
4. Note: The credentials which you will receive in the email are valid ONLY for mock test. For Live exams – check the login id and password on the admit card.
5) Important Instructions regarding malpractice/violation for Actual Live Exam:
1) Use of mobile phone is allowed only to contact helpdesk.
2) It will treated as a serious malpractice if you are using your mobile for any other purpose.
3) Talking with another person is also prohibited.
4) Muting Mic and/ webcam is also a violation.
5) Use of any social media for communicating your problems is not allowed, except through help desk.
6) Only two warnings will be given before terminating the examination for any kind of malpractice/ violation.

Online Mock Test Link : Click here

 Use PID and Password to check Mock/ Dry run details, Re-print Registration Form, Print Admit Card and Print Result. Click here